Sport bottle RT-VECTRA-BLUE catches the eye not only for its color but even for its large volume 810 ml. The bottle is suitable for active sportmen that want to follow the correct drinking regime even during long-term exercise. Sport bottle RT-VECTRA-BLUE is perfect hold in hand, lightweight and has a screw top, which can be easily cleaned.


Before each use, wash bottle, leave it to dry and store open. The cap does not guarantee 100% waterproof.

  • Volume: 810 ml
  •  Ergonomically designed
  • Screw top

Priorities of RUNTO

  • Quality


    Selection of our sport accessories is characterizet by extra quality

  • Desing


    Our goal is to make the brand which everyone can recognize

  • Safety


    On our products you can find safety features for ensuring visiblity during exercise. Your safety is very important for us

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