Phone holder is practical help for all running enthusiasts, cyclists or cross country skiers. Case is waterproof so you can take it with you even in bad weather. All of our holders are equipped with reflective elements, thanks to it you will be easily visible even at dusk and approaching night.

Running belts

Running belts which you will use for running or walking when you just do not want to take a backpack. The advantage is lightweight and comfortable wearing, so you will not even notice. Of course, the length of the strap is adujstable and it has reflective elements as bonus.

Priorities of RUNTO

  • Quality


    Selection of our sport accessories is characterizet by extra quality

  • Desing


    Our goal is to make the brand which everyone can recognize

  • Safety


    On our products you can find safety features for ensuring visiblity during exercise. Your safety is very important for us

We love sports, so we importing
a lot of new accesiories for sports

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